Auto Da Alma / Auto Da Feira

      Auto Da Alma / Auto Da Feira
Auto da Alma is considered the most notable production cycle morality and religious indoctrination was done in honor of the Queen Leonor and represented at his request to the king Manuel, in Lisbon, at Pacos da Ribeira, in 1518 The whole drama is an allegory of the eternal struggle between evil and Well The characters that make up are Alma, Angel Custodio, Church, Sto Augustine, Sto Ambrose, S Jerome S Thomas and two devils.The author shows us the human soul, in the course of his earthly pilgrimage, alternately subjected to the demands of the Devil and the Guardian Angel Thus, the allegory serves to address the theme of redemption The liturgical texts sung in the latter part of the self confirm the character of morality.According to the author, as the inns that are needed for rest and meals for hikers, it is necessary the existence of a hostess to help souls who walk this life to another death in moments of repose and meals This is the landlady Holy Mother Church, aided by its four doctors St Augustine, Sto Ambrose, St Jerome and St Thomas , the table serves the insignia of Christ s passion It is an allegory of the Parable of the Good Samaritan tells us how the world is only a passage to eternal life and true. Best Read Auto Da Alma / Auto Da Feira author Gil Vicente For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Gil Vicente, called the Trobadour, was a Portuguese playwright and poet who acted in and directed his own plays Considered the chief dramatist of Portugal he is sometimes called the Portuguese Plautus and often referred to as the Father of Portuguese drama Vicente worked in Portuguese as much as he worked in Spanish and is thus, with Juan del Encina, considered joint father of Spanish drama.Vicente was attached to the courts of the Portuguese kings Manuel I and John III He rose to prominence as a playwright largely on account of the influence of Queen Dowager Leonor, who noticed him as he participated in court dramas and subsequently commissioned him to write his first theatrical work.He may also have been identical to an accomplished goldsmith of the same name, creator of the famous monstrance of Bel m, and master of rhetoric of King Manuel I.His plays and poetry, written in both Portuguese and Spanish, were a reflection of the changing times during the transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance and created a balance between the former time of rigid s and hierarchical social structure and the new society in which this order was undermined.While many of Vicente s works were composed to celebrate religious and national festivals or to commemorate events in the life of the royal family, others draw upon popular culture to entertain, and often to critique, Portuguese society of his day.Though some of his works were later suppressed by the Inquisition, causing his fame to wane, he is now recognised as one of the principal figures of the Portuguese Renaissance.More information at Wikipedia.

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      Auto Da Alma / Auto Da Feira
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