College Discipline

      College Discipline
A failing college student reads a cryptic classified ad promising a way to motivate her to achieve better grades Her sessions with The Professor are far severe and humiliating than she bargained for It doesn t prevent her from taking her gorgeous friend, Jenna, to experience the Professor s services too After a harsh session with a strap nicknamed Lucifer she longs to reward the Professor for teaching her that excellent grades can be achieved through proper College Discipline.By best selling erotica author, Kim Acton, whose other novellas are also available on Kindle.Excerpt The Professor took his time telling her what was in store for her But first he told her to remove all of her clothes and stand in front of him When she did he deliberately looked her up and down slowly so she could feel his eyes on her You will not be receiving an over the knee spanking tonight You also will not get the small paddle you experienced before Those are not sufficient for what you have done Heather felt a chill run through her Goosebumps formed and she felt her legs trembling The Professor continued I m going to take you into a different room It s a room most students never need to see It contains many devices and implements that are designed to make girls remember to wake up on time for exams In your case, I will administer a leather strap to your ass It s quite thick and menacing, actually Sometimes I find it so heavy I have to rest my arm before completing a session I won t lie to you, Heather it s going to hurt than you can imagine Tears filled Heather s eyes Her knees began to visibly shake In fact, you re going to receive it with wet buttocks You see, a wet strapping is far intense And that s what you re getting tonight, Heather, a wet strapping with the leather He stood up and directed her into a bedroom that contained no bed but several pieces of unusual furniture There was a padded bench, a throne chair, something that reminded Heather of a sawhorse in her Dad s garage workshop and two large timbers formed into an X and leaned against the wall at a slight angle The room was a dungeon and it hid many insidious features to which Heather was oblivious You will be fastened to this cross, Heather Your wrists and ankles will be secured and you will remain there for the duration of your discipline session Now step up to the cross and place your arms and legs into position The cross formed a broad X and required her legs to be spread far apart The Professor closed metal clamps around her slim ankles and wrists and locked her into a vulnerable and submissive position The slight forward angle ensured the Professor a clear view of her small, shaved pussy Fear tore through her mind and body as she realized how trapped she was She thought about screaming As if he could read her mind, the Professor said, You are permitted to scream as loud as you like in here If you examine the walls, floor and ceiling you can see they are covered in thick acoustic insulation Sound does not escape this room so you may scream with abandon during the session She felt a lump in her throat so thick it made breathing difficult The Professor removed a black strap from a hook on the wall and showed it to Heather It was nearly three feet in length and hung with only a slight bend owing to its thickness and rigidity Other girls have nicknamed this strap, Lucifer, he said with a grin They ve learned that if they really screw up in a class they ll have Lucifer to pay, he said, with the only chuckle she ever heard from him Brace yourself, he said. Download College Discipline –

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      College Discipline
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  • College Discipline
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  • English
  • 20 January 2018

10 thoughts on “ College Discipline

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    Surprisingly I really liked the story It was a freebie and a short story It was a little too rough for my taste but the author made sure you eased yourself into the story Overall it was not bad.

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    Interesting concept presented When you re failing in college subjects just go to the Professor His advertisement suggests that your grades will improve, with strict corporal discipline Most of the girls who seek him out do not have any extra money to pay for his services He offers a mutual equivalent opportunity Fellatio Heather has problems, she is failingthan one class Her grant will disappear, she will have to go back and live with her parents Soon she finds out and agre...

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    I LIKE Ms Acton s stories This is a 3.5 for me This is a hot and taste corporal punishment one I really enjoyed the self discipline in this story The tutor was hot I wish I had something like this in college Perhaps I would have had a better G...

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    If you like CP this one is quite good It s very short esp for the price but the story is good A student hires a guy calling himself Professor to use CP to discipline her to do better in classes The premise is intriguing, t...

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    I m not really crazy of short stories but I most say I really enjoy this one.Full review at the end of the month

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