Draco: The Vampire Hunter

      Draco: The Vampire Hunter 
Draco is a vampire hunter with his girlfriend Isabel and they are on a mission to kill Alexander and his master Katharine Things don t go as well and Draco and Isabel are pushed to their limits This is a classic vampire story that involves the vampire hunter and how he attacks the creatures of the night Excerpt Draco was shocked to see that happen to William He scrambled to find another piece of weaponry but was too late Alexander s long nails slashed his face and he fell on the floor His body couldn t take another beating and he just felt faint The last thing he saw was the body of William or what was left of him Best Download Books Draco: The Vampire Hunter by Kellie Haulotte – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

Kellie Haulotte is a freelance and short story writer that has worked at Examiner now AXS and Yahoo Voices She has published articles on sites like Thought Catalog, Yahoo News, Ranker, and the British website, Spooky Isles.She has made professional friendships with getTV, TV5MONDE, Acorn TV, HBO, the Academy Awards, Tribeca Film Festival, Cinema Tropical, Kino Movies, PBS, and EPK.TV So she gets press releases, screeners to review, trailers, and photos sent to her email Kellie has interviewed celebrities like Kenny Johnson, Catherine Mary Stewart, Jasmine Burke, Jaime Zevallos, Oscar nominated director Jason Cohen, the Vice President of getTV, French actress, Marie Dompnier, fashion model Karen Patmas, and many others She has been a judge for the online film festival, My French Film Festival and a guest on the podcast, the Mallard Report She s also part of NetGalley, where she gets to review upcoming books Besides writing about entertainment news, Kellie has self published short stories and poetry books with both CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing Her stories have been read all over the world from Japan to Australia Her published works include Kindle Edition Draco The Vampire Hunter Night Worlds A Draco The Vampire Hunter Story Draco The Vampire Hunter Book 2 Plasma Double A Willow Jones Mystery Thoughtless Thoughts Audible Audiobooks The Canary A Toby West Mystery Read by Ian H Shattuck Draco The Vampire Hunter Read by Rod Barnes Paperbacks Blue Nights and Summer Days Thoughtless Thoughts She currently runs the pop culture website, Abstract and does freelance work at Fiverr.

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      Draco: The Vampire Hunter 
 By ☆ Kellie Haulotte ✓ – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com
  • Kindle Edition
  • Draco: The Vampire Hunter
  • Kellie Haulotte
  • English
  • 27 February 2018

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