Founders (Founders Part 1: Libera)

      Founders (Founders Part 1: Libera)
This is the story of the Founders, the first Draconites, and the chosen ones destined to save a part of Libera while the rest of it is destroyed Among them are the Molouks Wind Rider and Swift Kesral, and the elves Skandar Theral and Ayaka Di rutia In Ramirra, a dark plot is brewing, but Swift, Wind, and other chosen are sent out of Ramirra to fulfill their destinies Swift must leave to chase an elusive saurian who is one of the many keys to bringing peace to Ramirra, and Wind falls into the company of a mighty wizard who will help her reveal her true inner powers In Tyrell, Ayaka is sent to find a man who betrayed her king and caused the war of the E lsra, and Skandar must go southwest to bring justice to a traitor that threatens to bring the wrath of an entire country upon the elves This is the first part of Founders, only by S.A Thorup. New Read eBook Founders (Founders Part 1: Libera) Author S.A. Thorup –

S.A Thorup was born in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley and raised in the LDS faith She is an author of fantasy and sci fi and several short stories She has self published several works She has earned an Associate s of Arts in English and has been published in the short story collection The Many Lives of Roads and Russo Besides writing, Sarah enjoys art, archery, and looking at clouds and mountains Her work is inspired by her faith, her desire to produce morally friendly literature, and her love for what the imagination is capable of.

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      Founders (Founders Part 1: Libera)
 Author S.A. Thorup –
  • Founders (Founders Part 1: Libera)
  • S.A. Thorup
  • English
  • 17 March 2019

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