Gift Search (The Legend of Draconite, #2)

      Gift Search (The Legend of Draconite, #2)
The Draconite clan is missing one of its members due to the sinuous Black Darts Thus, the Dragon stone warriors embark on a sacred and rigorous mission called the Gift Search, in order to find a Molouk that will make the clan whole once Unexpectedly, however, they cannot find a candidate in Ramirra, and so must move their Search to Zanoll, where a war is about to rage among the various races inhabiting the land Among the dragon stone warriors is a young half grown named Gage, an acolyte of the Ramirran temple, a warrior and servant of Zarem He is invited to go on the Gift Search, a journey that will not only strengthen himbut truly help Gage realize what his duty is to his family, and to his god This is the exciting sequel to Book 1 of The Legend of Draconite, continuing the legend and adventure of the Molouks, only by S.A Thorup Download Gift Search (The Legend of Draconite, #2) by S.A. Thorup –

S.A Thorup was born in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley and raised in the LDS faith She is an author of fantasy and sci fi and several short stories She has self published several works She has earned an Associate s of Arts in English and has been published in the short story collection The Many Lives of Roads and Russo Besides writing, Sarah enjoys art, archery, and looking at clouds and mountains Her work is inspired by her faith, her desire to produce morally friendly literature, and her love for what the imagination is capable of.

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      Gift Search (The Legend of Draconite, #2)
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  • Gift Search (The Legend of Draconite, #2)
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  • 01 September 2019

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