Goldilocks, Go Home!

      Goldilocks, Go Home!
Goldilocks also known as the fair haired princess or Furless, depending on who is talking moves in with The Three Bears for a whole week in this illustrated chapter book for lovers of snarky humor and the Grimm Sisters series So I ate some porridge and broke a chair get over it Goldilocks snipes at Bobby Bear, as Baby Bear is now calling himself Tensions are high at the Three Bears cottage where Goldilocks an overdramatic tween who has deluded herself into believing she s a princess is stranded until the Big Bad Wolf vacates the area.A hungry troll, a wily but fairly spineless coyote, Anansi the trickster spider, three pigs with a home improvement show, and of course the Big Bad Wolf all figure into the story in this hilarious mash up of folk and fairy tales from around the world.In chapters full of quirky and clever drawings, Bobby and Goldilocks alternate narrating the story of their hair raising adventures Furless and Bobby are constantly at one another s throats and can t stop interrupting each other But despite their mutual animosity, a kind of affection develops between Bobby and Goldilocks, and they become something like friends As Bobby explains, I mean, annoying as she was, I didn t want her to end up wolf kibble Over 80 illustrations are included. Read Goldilocks, Go Home! By Martha Freeman –

Martha Freeman was born in Southern California in 1956 It is not actually true that pterodactyls ruled the skies then, but her three children believe this.Martha graduated from Glenoaks Elementary, Woodrow Wilson Junior High, and Glendale High School Until Martha came along, Glendale High s most famous graduate was a fellow named Marion Michael Morrison He later went into the film game and changed his name to John Wayne, which you might very well do, too, if you were a boy named Marion in unenlightened times In 1978, Martha graduated from Stanford University with a degree in history She remains Stanford s most illustrious graduate if not its most wealthy.Stink Bomb MomMartha s First Book.Martha worked as a newspaper reporter, copy editor, substitute teacher, college lecturer, advertising copywriter, and freelance magazine writer before she found her true calling as a writer of children s books in 1994 Her first book was Stink Bomb Mom, now, tragically, out of print She has since published 14books for children and as you read this, she is probably working on another one Besides writing and visiting schools to talk to students, Martha teaches occasional classes at Penn State University, volunteers as an emergency medical technician, and works for a wonderful little company called Wall Street Communications She is a very busy person.

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      Goldilocks, Go Home!
 ePUB By ☆ Martha Freeman Õ –
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Goldilocks, Go Home!
  • Martha Freeman
  • 02 February 2017
  • 0823438570

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    Bobby Bear he really dislikes the name Baby is not at all pleased when a yellow haired intruder shows up in his bed Worse, his mother insists on keeping the girl around until it is safe for her to go home The Big Bad Wolf is a constant threat, after all Now Bobby is sleeping on the floor, and dealing with a furless girl who is just a tad bossy In fact, she starts taking over part of the story Their back and forth conversations are fun, and the different viewpoints are a hoot Various fa Bobby Bear he really dislikes the name Baby is not at all pleased when a yellow haired intruder shows up in his bed Worse, his mother insists on k...

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    I d give this one a 3.5 and found it an amusing and creative romp through the classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears Readers who think they know all about that tale will realize that they only know part of it Narrated by Goldilocks and Bobby once Baby Bear in a less than cooperative fashion, the story highlights Goldi...

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    Fun read for those who enjoy fractured fairy tale stories I liked how other characters were mentioned many times throughout the story and me trying to remember their story to myself I did find it a bit confusing of who was telling the story It switched from Bobby Bear to G...

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    I haven t been this thoroughly entertained by a book in quite a while The clever juxtaposition of Goldilocks and Bobby Baby Bear telling the story from two points of view makes this a great book for teaching Beyond that, the humor was laugh out loud funny and I highly recommend this book.

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    Really fun fractured fairy tale for elementary readers.

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    Really cute story with a lot of puns and references to other folk tales fairy tales Perfect for grades 2nd 5th.

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    Contains a lot of brain noise but entertaining.

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    A humorous retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears Would be a fun bedtime read aloud for families.

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    Cute version of Goldilocks with other famous fairy tales mixed in

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