Home Intruder 1

      Home Intruder 1
Don t struggle, he whispered When my roommate went out of town, I was home alone in my house Due to an unlocked window, I ended up having a night I d never forgetwon t let me tell you anyabout it, so you ll just have to click Look Inside to read New Read Kindle ePUB Home Intruder 1 Author Cassandra Zara – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

Cassandra Zara It s often said that reading erotica is mostly for women, but look closely guys The girls in my books act in ways that you will NEVER see a girl act in a porno Cassandra Zara is a young woman in her 30s who has wanted to write the kind of fiction she d like to read for a long time It may sound clich , but she really does love long walks on the beach with her husband Her new baby keeps her plenty busy, but she s overjoyed to have people who enjoy her work Thank you for supporting an indie author Anything you can do, whether it be writing a review, or even simply telling a fellow reader that you enjoyed this, helps keep my baby in diapers Thanks Please tell me what you think and send me ideas My email address is Cassandra.Zara gmail.com and I d love to hear from you

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      Home Intruder 1
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  • Kindle Edition
  • 20 pages
  • Home Intruder 1
  • Cassandra Zara
  • English
  • 10 January 2017

10 thoughts on “ Home Intruder 1

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    Cammy is downstairs when she hears something upstairs Bat in hand she goes to see what the nose was seeing that her roommate accidentally left her bedroom window open she goes to close it but she is grabbed from behind and pinned to the floor She realizes that the attacker is actually her roommates BF and this is a case of mistaken identity She goes along with it because she s always had a crush on him and this might be her only opportunity but she s not on BC and he didn t wear a condom Cammy is downstairs when she hears something upstairs Bat in hand she goes to see what the n...

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    I wouldn t really call this a Home Intruder Very disappointing, you find out who he is almost right away and its sucks almost everything out of the short story that would have made it hot It ruined the fantasy for me.

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    This was so incredibly short I was literally dissapointed just for that.but otherwise, super hot

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    I don t have a problem with rape fantasies but come on, how did he not know the difference between two women

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    too short

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    Short, but an ok read.

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