Nine mysterious Spinners silently seize control of deep space stations millions of miles from Earth But what do they want And will anyone be able to stop them Ingenious is the third book of the Synchronicity Trilogy Its events are concurrent with events in Insidious and Industrious. Read Ingenious –

I am a software engineer in Silicon Valley who dreams of otherworldly creatures, mysterious alien planets, and fantastic adventures I m also an indie author with over 117,000 paid sales.Visit

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 226 pages
  • Ingenious
  • Michael McCloskey
  • English
  • 14 March 2018

10 thoughts on “ Ingenious

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    To be honest I m a little bit disappointed by Ingenious Not the plot, I m ok with the Spinners, their motivations, their interactions and the ending is satisfactory, but the way it s handled.Holes and dull would sum it up.Holes because being from the POV of the Spinners the relations with humans are kept to a bare minimum without context The main case is Claire...

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    This book was from the point of view of the Spinners All of their thought processes were well thought out and it was really interesting to read The ending was unexpected and I felt that it really completed the series I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the f...

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    I enjoyed this bookthan the second in the series The action once again was the same as in the first book, but this time the main focus are the aliens The ending I particularly enjoyed as I had not seen it coming at all A very good ending to the series.

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    Great series Loved the books unique tale told from 3 different points of view I think Ingenious might have been my favorite out of three very good books

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    Bottom line I enjoyed this book, and it was a satisfying conclusion to the Synchronicity Trilogy.Essentially, the three short novels that make up the Synchronicity Trilogy tell the exact same tale, but from different points of view a sort of SF twist on Rashomon In review Part One Insiduous was from the POV of the UNSF United Nations Space Force It was enjoyable but felt incomplete obviously, it s part one, after all Part Two Industrious was from the POV of the Chinese Divine Bottom line I enjoyed this book, and it was a satisfying conclusion to the Synchronic...

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    This final segment is definitely the best of the trilogy The author chooses the perspective of the invading alien cyborgs, creating a complete backstory and giving these new creatures motivations and angst The first half of the book retells the events from the first two books from the new perspective, and the second half resolves the entire story.I mentioned in the previous books that the writing style was a bit flat and unimaginative In this story, the cyborg voices are actual...

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    Great readLoved the series I have enjoyed reading this setthen once SciFi with questions about AI, in a not to far fetched future.

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