Lair of the Luciferians

      Lair of the Luciferians
The Two Fisted Private Dick is Back It s been two years since private investigator Dixon Peters saved the world from the Elder God Hellmouth He s got a fancy new office uptown, a cute new secretary and work than he can shake a stick at So when millionaire industrialist Franklin G Bumgarden III asks him to find his runaway children, Dix almost turns down the case But Dix can t resist a puzzle, and the mystery of the missing Bumgarden kids looks like a real doozy Within 24 hours of accepting the assignment, Dix finds himself knee deep in ensorcelled housewives, lycanthropic assassins and demonic spies In fact, everyone seems to know who he is and what he s looking for A Change of Face The only way he s going to solve this mystery, Dix quickly realizes, is to go undercover Deep undercover Lucky thing his best friend Ratty is a shape shifter With new faces and fake identities, Dix and his secretary cum girlfriend set off to find the Bumgarden kids and just maybe, he hopes, unravel the mystery of the enigmatic Luciferians before something really bad happens Lair of the Luciferians is an action packed detective novel, a tongue in cheek homage to the hard boiled tales of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, featuring one of the most unique private dicks ever created, the supernatural shamus Dixon Peters Reader raves for Menace of Club MephistophelesAn absolutely enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys supernatural mysteries, or just plain weird fiction, I recommend giving it a try An interesting mix of myth, magic and gumshoe detective Starts right into the action and never lets up I had been dragging my feet on buying this book because of the genre not usually my type of story what a mistake Not one for detective novels, I fell into this read as easy as watching Bogart and Bacall dance around a scene Has tongue in cheek humor, sex twisted , violence, and a taste of Mike Hammer all blended into a H.P Lovecraft nightmare a nightmare complete with Apocalyptic visions and dramatic solutions Very interesting take on the whole private eye genre Loved the 1920 s setting with the hard boiled PI and his slimy cohorts Great stuff Throw in a little HP Lovecraft for good measure, maybe spice it up with some magic and bam.instant fun New Download [ Lair of the Luciferians ] author [ Joseph Duncan ] –

Born in Southern Illinois, Joseph was raised in a very liberal home environment and was exposed at an early age to the classic underground comic book scene of the sixties and seventies, as well as European graphic novels by artists like Moebius, Enki Bilal and Milo Manara At age 9, he was reading Tolkien and Stephen King He wrote his first novella at age 10 If you want to read the same old formulaic pop lit, don t bother with Joseph s fiction The novels of Joseph Duncan are challenging, subversive and fantastical, merging genres and pushing the boundaries of propriety and good taste If you have an aversion to dark subject matter, gratuitous sex and extreme violence, stay far away from Joseph s books Far Far Away If you d like to contact Mr Duncan, you may do so at authorjosephduncan

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      Lair of the Luciferians
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  • Kindle Edition
  • 266 pages
  • Lair of the Luciferians
  • Joseph Duncan
  • English
  • 14 May 2017

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    Oneenjoyable read by Joseph DuncanThis Dixon Perers haha narrative is a stand alone sequel to Club Mephastopholies I ve enjoyed every story of his I ve read thus far A great combination of spook and humor with a dash of errotica...

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    Joseph Duncan s second installment in the continuing adventures of magic bungler and investigator extraordinaire Dixon Peters comes into its own in this less bawdy, but equally entertaining tale I no longer get the feelings of d j vu I got in the first novel from Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden novels Instead, the author develops the characters and the 1930s epoch in which they evolve in greater detail, giving them further life and dimension while spinning a stimulating tale of intrigue, deceptio Joseph Duncan s second installment in the continuing adventures of magic bungler and investigator extraordinaire Dixon Peters comes into its own in this less bawdy, but equally entertaining tale I n...

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