Over a hundred years have passed since the Ascension of the goddess Luna, and the Southern Isles, Zanoll in particular, experiences an era of peace and prosperity Born and raised in Zanoll, Lithia experiences firsthand what her country has to offer when she comes to the school of Tigerdowns in the capitol city of Mal ur There she makes new friends and enemies However, her once normal life is turned upside down when she discovers a dark plot brewing against the school and people she has come to love In a single hot headed decision, Lithia embarks on a quest to root out this evil, with a little help from the Draconite clan of Ramirra and an elf who is much than she seems An addition to the stories of the Chronicles of Libera, only by S.A Thorup Best Download [ Lithia ] author [ S.A. Thorup ] –

S.A Thorup was born in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley and raised in the LDS faith She is an author of fantasy and sci fi and several short stories She has self published several works She has earned an Associate s of Arts in English and has been published in the short story collection The Many Lives of Roads and Russo Besides writing, Sarah enjoys art, archery, and looking at clouds and mountains Her work is inspired by her faith, her desire to produce morally friendly literature, and her love for what the imagination is capable of.

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  • Lithia
  • S.A. Thorup
  • English
  • 14 July 2019

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