Mixed Tales I.

      Mixed Tales I.
What would happen if Snow White stung her finger with the spindle of a spinning wheel and Sleeping Beauty bit into the poisoned apple Imagine a cheerful little girl, Lily, who by accident confuses the storyline of these two famous fairy tales Take a journey with her into Fairytale Land Experience how Snow White escapes from the wicked fairy, and how Sleeping Beauty spends her time in the seven dwarves cottage Will they find their true homes, their real princes and their happy endings The wonder of Mixed Tales awaits you just take a seat and the magical journey begins right now Read Mixed Tales I. By B.B. Vayk – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

I live in two worlds that of my everyday life and that of the fantasy world found within the pages of my books.After our two children were born, I could stay home with my daughter and son while they were very young During that time, experiencing their childhood with them, helping them to discover the world, I rediscovered my own two childhood passions drawing illustrations and writing stories Encouraged by this, I found time during their sleeping hours to begin a novel that had been inside of me since I was a child myself.The storyline was inspired by my old childhood imaginations and my love for the folklore of my Hungarian ancestors Growing up with those stories helped me to see the world in a different way, a place where things existed beyond our knowledge As a child, I created characters in my mind that represented the forces of nature the sun, the wind, the water always imagining them to be actual people who ruled magical realms above and below Years later, with children of my own, these forces of nature recaptured my imagination I drew them I created every little detail about them what they looked like, where they lived, who their servants were, how they used their power, and most importantly, how they worked with or against each other One day, during a rainy afternoon of writing, the hero of my story appeared on the page Robert, a young man, with no real purpose to his life beyond living in a small sleepy village where nothing ever happened That village was much like the one where my own grandparents lived just as simple, just as peaceful, and where I spent many holidays as a child Robert was clever and talented, but his abilities were not really needed in the human world in which he lived Then, I created Marian, Robert s adversary Beautiful yet cruel, alluring yet evil I really enjoyed her character They represented two different worlds and together forged a strange, yet necessary partnership, as they journeyed through an age of castles, kings, knights and war, all ruled by the mighty forces of nature When I finished the manuscript, I put it into a drawer, because, to tell the truth, I had really just written the story for myself and perhaps for my children I imagined that one day, when they were older, they might read my story and enjoy the world I created as much as I did Meanwhile, though, there it lay until one day, my husband, looking for something to read to pass the time, asked to take a look at it I wondered how long it would hold his attention, especially as he was not a fan of fantasy fiction, but before I knew it, he had read it cover to cover and loved it Evensurprising, he wanted to share it with others who might find the same enjoyment that he had within its pages My husband s enthusiasm for the book led to his managing all of the details related to getting it published in Hungary in 2012 Now I have reached an entire audience of readers who feel a connection with the forces of nature just as I do This feeling is at once fascinating and unbelievable for me almost like a dream And the dream continues to grow, now that the novel has been translated and edited into English, and published as an e book.I have learned to believe in dreams, to work for them and to never give them up.

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      Mixed Tales I.
 Kindle Ebook By ↠ B.B. Vayk ↠ – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com
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  • Mixed Tales I.
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  • 23 June 2018

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