Moara lui Califar

      Moara lui Califar
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Gala Galaction or Grigorie Pi culescu was a Romanian Orthodox clergyman and theologian, writer, journalist, left wing activist, as well as a political figure of the People s Republic of Romania Contrary to the spirit of the time, he was a promoter of tolerance towards the Jewish minority.Selected literary works Bisericu a din R zoare Nuvele i schi e The Small Church in R zoare Short Stories and Literary Sketches , 1914 Eminescu The Life of Mihai Eminescu , 1914 Clopotele din m n stirea Neam u Bells of the Neam Monastery , 1916 La rmul m rei Reverii Note On the Seashore Reveries and Notes , 1916 O lume nou Articole A New World Articles , 1919 R boj pe bradul verde Tally on Green Wooded Fir , 1920 Toamne de odinioar Bygone Autumns , 1924 De la noi la Cladova From Us to Cladova , 1924 Caligraful Ter iu Adev r i nchipuire Ter iu the Calligrapher Truth and Make belief , 1929 Roxana Roman Roxana A Novel , 1930 Papucii lui Mahmud Roman Mahmud s Slippers A Novel , 1931 Doctorul Taifun Roman Doctor Typhoon A Novel , 1933 La r sp ntie de veacuri Roman At the Crossroads of Centuries A Novel , 2 vol., 1935 Ri a Cr i a Fantezie dramatic n trei acte Ri a Cr i a Fantasy Drama in Three Acts , 1942 n gr dinile Sf Antonie In Saint Anthony s Gardens , 1942 Vlahu The Life of Alexandru Vlahu , 1944 Mangalia, 1947

      Moara lui Califar
 Author Gala Galaction –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Moara lui Califar
  • Gala Galaction
  • Romanian
  • 12 November 2018

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