The Fourth Nail

      The Fourth Nail
The Fourth Nail by Paul Argentini proves an historical fact In this stunning revelation of a compelling historical mystery, Paul Argentini s story telling masterstroke, The Fourth Nail, is in the overlay of the interrelated actions of two men born two millennia apart In ancient times, we follow the destined path of Marius of Rome from his start as a profligate youth, to the Mid east where he forges and uses The Fourth Nail to change the entire world forever His challenge is to leave the love of his life and survive the dangerous journey on the Spice Trail back to Rome where he is determined to hide this all powerful relic from covetous hands and to fulfill pledges In today s world, Dr Roberto Donadio as a matter of life and death desperately seeks to reveal the secrets of the Marius Diary In his search he is constrained to unravel arcane codes, and translate ancient documents It is a race against time as he travels the path of the Marius Diary on the Silk Road to an ancient lamasery past the Taklamaken Desert deep by Ancient Turkestan in Eastern China There, before other horror stricken witnesses, he sees the only copy of the Marius Diary Scrolls become lost forever to the winds and wilds of the mountains Only his prescience and ingenuity enable him to learn the factual truth behind this, the greatest of all historical mysteries This is Paul Argentini s most tense and exciting novel ever. New Read Kindle ePUB The Fourth Nail by Paul M. Argentini –

Sunbury Press and Random House best selling author Paul Argentini 1926 2016 passed away on April 24, 2016 A resident of Venice, Florida, Paul was a World War II veteran Argentini_smwho was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, and was exposed to ionizing radiation at Nagasaki, Japan He was predeceased, in 2014, by the love of his life, wife Vera Argentini The two teamed up for Paul s most popular Sunbury Press title A Treatise The Art of Casting a Fly 2012 Vera provided the very accurate pencil drawings of fish and flies while Paul wrote the how to narrative.Paul s best selling book published by Random House was Elements of Style for Screenwriters The Essential Manual for Writers of Screenplays He also co authored, with Robert Boland, MUSICALS Directing School and Community Theatre.Paul was presented with the American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals highest medal for crossing ice to rescue a German Shepherd that had fallen through Paul was a chef, specializing in home made pasta dishes, and a baker with reknown carrot and Bronx cheesecakes He was also a cabinetmaker specializing in Queen Anne and Shaker case pieces, jazz drummer and a teacher of fly casting His paintings, sculptures, and photographs have been in juried art shows He and Vera had two daughters, Lisa and Mona.

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      The Fourth Nail
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  • Kindle Edition
  • 216 pages
  • The Fourth Nail
  • Paul M. Argentini
  • English
  • 21 June 2017

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    Good concept, but the author put in sex scenes that degraded it to a bad close to pornographic, novel Would never recommend it and wonder why I finished reading it Guess I was hoping it would improve.

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    The writing was in my personal opinion choppy, and there was a detailed bordello scene that I did NOT appreciate.

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    Great concept and a fun read I think anyone who likes stories like the Da vinci Code will enjoy this book.

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