The Sorrow of Isparag

      The Sorrow of Isparag
The fantasy series The Lygons of Fraith presents a complex political landscape in the tradition of Robin Hobb or Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey, and introduces a variety of wondrous characters whose interactions are intriguing and frequently humorous.This story is set before the events of the Lygon Island trilogy and tells of what happened between the geflars and the Indigo dragons, and how Lygon Island came to be created. Free Download Kindle ePUB The Sorrow of Isparag Author Arlo Mercia –

Arlo is Australian and currently lives on the island of Tasmania She has worked in a range of jobs including as an artist, running a small business selling tea, and in education Currently she is a senior teacher at the local high school She loves travelling as that is when she indulges her passion for infra red landscape photography you can see examples in the background of her author s website She is also an accomplished artist and she finds that writing fantasy is a perfect complement to her love of painting Both her fantasy novels and her website feature her artwork She started writing novels about twenty years ago with Margot s Men and her focus is now on the fantasy series The Lygons of Fraith which is about a race of beautiful reptilian cats, their cheeky companions the geflars, many colourful dragons and a few humans .

      The Sorrow of Isparag
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  • The Sorrow of Isparag
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  • 13 January 2017

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