The Surfer

      The Surfer
A short novella of psychological suspense Walter s life falls apart after his family perishes in a plane crash, leaving him isolated and volatile He becomes fixated with surfing, and flies to the Big Island in a last ditch effort to overcome despair about life His surfing leads to an unexpected result A vacationing couple then befriends him and takes him on an adventure The Surfer is a journey into the imperfection of one man s soul It explores the beauty and unpredictability of nature, and of life, and the strange lure of surf. Read The Surfer author Robb Skidmore –

Robb Skid writes stories that entertain and inspire His upmarket fiction combines the best of commercial and literary takes a love of language and uses it to create richly original characters and intense, moving plots His short stories have appeared in Gawker, io9, New Orleans Review, New Millennium Writings, The South Carolina Review, Oasis, and Twelve Stories He has travelled to many parts of the globe and once spent a year traveling around the US and camping in national parks His critically acclaimed and award winning novel, THE PURSUIT OF COOL TMiK Press , is a story of humor and heartbreak about a music, movie, and pop culture obsessed, tragically romantic young man who attends college during the 1980s Praise for The Pursuit of Cool A skilled writer A smart account of 80s college kids the novel believably summons the 80s, complete with floppy disks, 9 1 2 Weeks on VHS and R.E.M cassettes Kirkus Indie Review A novel surrounding college student Lance Rally, as he seeks to rise to the top of the social ladder by finding what cool is, only to be swept into the whirlpool of its many definitions With plenty of humor and a strong moral on the purpose of youth, The Pursuit of Cool is a strong pick for general fiction collections and those who want an original take on the college dynamic Midwest Book Review An excellent job of taking a character and creating his time and place perfectly A totally enjoyable flashback ride Dew on the Kudzu Skid has skillfully crafted a sympathetic protagonist whom readers root for and the narration has an understated lyrical quality Watch Me Bounce From The Clash to Joy Division to Bauhaus It centers the reader in that hopeful era of high expectations and jaded reality A great debut, and I can t wait to readfrom Robb Skid The Book FetishA novel that uniquely captures the 1980s, The Pursuit of Cool tells the story of Lance Rally and his turbulent college years He comes from a super achieving family and is intent on being a big success But he is also an inept, hopeless romantic, obsessed with pop culture, and prone to distraction Friendships with a punk rocker and a subversive scholar challenge his worldview, and relationships with a beautiful psych major and a feisty goth girl shape and change him This coming of age journey is a funny and emotional ride through album covers, dance techniques, all nighter revelations, and corporate internships gone bad The story comes alive with music and movies which give Lance solace as he questions his beliefs and his heart gets crushed He tries to capture that illusive quality, that magic of youth, the essence that is cool His ebook short novella THE SURFER is a tale of suspense which explores the beauty and unpredictability of nature, and of life, and the strange lure of surf.

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      The Surfer
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  • 27 December 2018

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    I identify with Walter in several ways Yes, I am getting on in years, but I still hear the waves and smell the brine in the air My love for the ocean and all things beach will never die I have only two real regrets in my life.really I regret waiting until my mid twenties to set foot on a golf course I have lived very near both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and I regret now living so far inland, far away from any beach.Robb s d...

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    I thought it was great I agree that the characters are people you can invest in, especially the main one A good read over dinner and a very satisfying read as well Covers a real range of emotions but left me happy Totally enjoyed it.

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    Nice, short dynamic look at dealing with griefand perhaps accepting it Walter is an icon for anyone who has lost loved ones well before their time Only regret is that I wish it had been longer Ended well before it s time

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    Great story

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