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Victor (Chicago Blaze, #3)

Victor A Chicago Blaze Hockey Romance Lindy is just a girl, who works concessions for the Blaze organization A Chicago girl, born and bred, she was raised by her father, to love sports of all kinds But she s got a special spot for Victor, of the Chicago Blaze Victor, on the other hand, didn t have such a happy childhood Victor Chicago Blaze, by Brenda Rothert Victor by Brenda Rothert may be my favorite in the series so far, though I have enjoyed every single one A fun friends to lovers romance

Warm Heart (Search and Rescue, #1)

Warm Heart Search and Rescue, by Amy Lane Warm Heart was a bit different from the trapped in a snowstorm love stories I ve read before This was a story about determination and survival with a romance enfolded into it I found the story addicting, the writing smooth and inviting, and the characters incredibly likeable Warm Heart Search and Rescue Warm Heart is a beautiful love story about two gorgeous young men coming together after years of hiding their feelings It s a riveting read as they f