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Under Occupation (Night Soldiers, #15)

Under Occupation Night Soldiers, by Alan Furst Nov , It is hard for me to criticize one of my favorite writers, Alan Furst, who has been a favorite since his first book, Night Soldiers, came out in His latest, Under Occupation, comes nowhere near his earlier novels, which seem to get less interesting with each one It Under Occupation A Novel It s hard to believe this was written by the same author as Night Soldiers, The Polish Officer, or almost any other of the series With minimal characte

The Poppy Wife: A Novel of the Great War

The Poppy Wife A Novel of the Great War by Caroline Scott A story of love, loss, guilt, and hope, The Poppy Wife is a moving and poignant debut from Caroline Scott Three years after the end of the Great War, Edie receives a photograph of her husband in the mail The Poppy Wife A Novel of the Great War Overall, The Poppy Wife is a beautifully written, exceptionally atmospheric novel that transports you to another time and place and immerses you so thoroughly into the personalities, feelings, and